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Alpha R&D is a highly technical company that also understands the relationship between art and science. From product sourcing, to testing and product development, our expertise is evident in the broad range of products and services we offer:
  • Sourcing
    • The finest quality organic and conventional essential oils and proprietary natural ingredients
    • Concretes, absolutes, floral waxes and hydrosols
    • Supercritical CO2 extracts of seeds, herbs, and flowers

  • R&D and Production
    • Designing and developing aromatherapy products, sunscreens and fragrances
    • Fully equipped laboratories with GC/MS, IR and UV spectrophotometers and all the necessary equipment for cosmetic research & developmen
  • Compliance and Training
    • Regulatory compliance for laboratory, pilot and full scale production
    • Custom training in aromas, essential oils, sunscreens, and Quality Control Procedures. 


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