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The Sunscreen Filter - Happi Magazine

June 2017: Are The Odds Stacked Against Sunscreen Use?
April 2017: Recent Developments in Sunscreens

October 2016:  Some Positive Developments in the Sun Care Industry                                                                                                                                                                                                                          August 2016: No Dearth of Players for the Blame Game
June 2016: Spotty Developments in Sunscreens
February 2016:
Something's Fishy: Salmon, Congress and FDA

November 2015: Approving Sun Care Ingredients: What MUsT Be Done
September 2015: US Congress to POTUS: It Doesn't Have TO Be This Way
June 2015: Bureaucracy Burns: Squinting into the Future
April 2015: The FDA Response: Obstacles and Delays
February 2015: SPF Goes to Court!

December 2014: The Bill Will Finally Pass, But Will The FDA?
October 2014: Formulating Sunscreens With New TEA Ingredients
May 2014: Air Polution's Effect on the Skin, Part II
March 2014: Air Polution and Its Impact on Skin 
January 2014: After 50 Years of Sunscreens

November 2013: Australian Study Confirms That Sunscreens Save Lives
September 2013: A Forum For Sunscreen Debating Protection
July 2013: We're Right In The Middle Of A Busy Sunscreen Season
May 2013: The Archaic TEA Process Revisited
March 2013:  The Evolution of Sun Care: Antioxidant Protection
January 2013: Final Rule For Sunscreens Is Now In Effect

October 2012: FDA Sunscreen Regulations Remains A Game of Shadows
September 2012: The Wonders of Jojoba
July 2012: The Dog Days of Summer
June 2012: Argan Oil Miracle Ingredient?
May 2012: Sun Protection Should Protect From IRA Damage
March 2012: Infrared Radiation & Skin Protection 
January 2012:  Happy New Sunscreen Year!

November 2011:  Under The Microscope, And Under The Gun?
September 2011: FDA: Now You're Talking!
July 2011: Finally...The Final Rule on Sunscreen Labeling
May 2011: In the Sun, In the Dark
March 2011: 5-Star Research; Below Par Ratings

September 2010: Alarmist Rumors Impact The Future Of Sunscreens
July 2010: Shadows Cast on Sunscreens
April 2010: A Petition to the FDA
March 2010: Taxing Our Patience

November 2009: Is The Final Monograph The New Metric System
September 2009:
Filtering Some Rumors Regarding Sunscreens
July 2009: Amending the Monograph
May 2009: Sun Protection: Another Voice Filters Through
March 2009: Tanning Salons Are A Hot Topic For The Industry
January 2009: Things Are Heating Up In The Sunscreen Category

November 2008: Using Nanotechnology In Sun Care Formulas
September 2008:
Sun Protection Facts Or Fictions, Part II
July 2008: Sun Protection Facts Or Fictions, Part I
May 2008:
The Industry's Response To The FDA's Proposed Rules
February 2008: Changes In Sun Protection Call For A New Column

Articles in Magazines

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Comparative Evaluation of Commercial SPF 100+ Sunscreen Products Olga Dueva-Koganov and Nadim Shaath, Happi, p. 48, December 2010

Where is the FDAs Sunscreen Monograph CosmeticDesign Magazine Interview, October 7, 2010

The Afterlife of Natural Ancient Egyptian Cosmetics Nadim Shaath and Mona Shaath, Happi, p. 78, January 2008

SPF Boosters & Photostability of Ultraviolet Filters Nadim Shaath, Happi, p. 77, October 2007

Global Developments in Sun Care Ingredients Nadim Shaath, Cosmetics and Toiletries, p.57, June 2006  

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