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Basil Linalool Absolute Geranium Absolute Olive Leaves Absolute
Bitter Orange Absolute Jasmin Absolute Rose Absolute
Carnation Absolute Marigold Absolute Violet Leaves Absolute
Cassie Absolute

Absolutes are regarded as the strongest aromatic product derived from a plant raw material.  Not strictly essential oils as they are obtained through extraction with volatile solvents.  The resultant concrete is a solid.  The volatile oil is then extracted from the concrete using alcohol.  The resultant products of this wash are the dark colored absolutes and the lighter colored floral waxes that are filtered off. 


Almond, Sweet


Basil Lavender
Bitter Orange Jasmin
Blue Chamomile Neroli
Geranium Rose

Hydrosols are the byproduct of steam distillation of flowers and herbs grown exclusively in the Nile Delta of Egypt. They can be supplied fresh from the distillation process (Need to be refrigerated and used within 6-9 months) or with a preservative added for a longer shelf life.   


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