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Dr. Nadim Shaath received his B.Sc. degree (Honors) in Chemistry from the University of Alexandria, Egypt in 1967 and his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Minnesota in 1973. After three years as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of Pharmacy, Medicinal Chemistry Department at the University of Minnesota, he joined the Chemistry Faculty at the State University of New York at Purchase in 1975. In 1979-1980 he served as the Chairman of the Chemistry Department at SUNY-Purchase and then joined Felton Worldwide, a flavor, fragrance and sunscreen company, as Executive Vice President and Technical Director.


In 1990, Dr. Shaath became the President and Chief Executive Officer of KATO Worldwide, Ltd., a flavor, fragrance, sunscreen and essential oil company and in 2000 he founded Alpha Research & Development, Ltd., and is currently its President. Alpha R&D, Ltd. is a research, sourcing and product development company in the fields of cosmetics (hair care and skin care), sunscreens, analytical testing, fragrances, essential oils and aromatherapy.

Dr. Shaath is a frequent speaker/moderator at many scientific meetings and is the author of numerous articles in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, essential oils and sunscreen journals and publications. He has represented the CTFA on sunscreens to the Food and Drug Administration and is an expert witness on several litigations in the Cosmetic and Sunscreen Industries. He is the editor of several books on Sunscreens including the book entitled Sunscreens published by Marcel Dekker and is the author of the book entitled The Encyclopedia of Ultraviolet Filters, published by Allured.  He is currently working on his new book entitled Healing Civilizations: The Search for Therapeutic Essential Oils and Nutrients to be released in January 2017 and published by Cameron Books (Petaluma, California).

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